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Jenny Kanevsky — Shameless Word Flirt

I’m Jenny. And, I’m not your average Joe, or Jenny, or anything resembling average. So, if you don’t like straight talk, wicked wit, and a collaborative copywriter who listens, and writes kick ass copy . . . you won’t like me.

I want to get to know YOU. I’ll make you laugh. I’ll ask questions, and I will listen to your answers.

I will put your voice into every word I write. And, I will make your copy sing. You will stand out from the crowd, as you should.

How does that sound?

You are special. You don’t need to be an assertive, oh-no-she-didn’t type like me, because I put my foot in it sometimes. You be you, and I'll be me.

The girl, who in high school wrote, and performed poetry. I will not be sharing that here. You’re welcome.

Sometimes, I take a pen to menus with typos. I can’t help but hear grammatical errors in songs, and on TV—it’s in my blood.

Helping others wow prospects and clients with killer web copy, sales pages, and email sequences makes me happy.

Let's get you clear, concise copy that pops and SELLS.

  • • Blog Posts + Bios
  • • Newsletters + Emails
  • • Sales + Landing Pages
  • • Web Copy + More


What you say and how you say it determines whether a prospect clicks through, or passes you by.

Let's turn numbers into raving fans...
Email opens into buying customers...
Ad clicks to a calendar of discovery calls...

Let's Talk

"I contacted Jenny to do copy for my website. A few minutes into our first conversation, I knew she was the perfect fit. She completely understood me, and asked great questions about my business. She produced copy that captured both my voice, and my brand. Jenny was approachable, fun to work with, and was excited about my business! It is tough to find people who write with passion and purpose. Not only does she care about my business, she cares about me, and helping me succeed, and it was apparent in her work. You will also appreciate that she uses the Oxford comma.

If you are looking for amazing copy that is both witty and exciting, then you have to work with Jenny. I can’t wait to work with her on future projects. It is absolutely the best money I’ve spent on my business."

- Tokeshia M. | Personal Brand Manager

Service Overview

Web Copy

Your website is your first impression. It only takes a few seconds to read a sentence. Don’t you want to wow them with your first one, and your second, and so on? Of course you do! What you say and how you say it determines whether a prospect clicks through, or passes you by.

I write killer website copy tailored to your voice, and your audience including:

  • Blog Posts: Nail that SEO. Be their Google.
  • Bios: Because NO ONE wants to write their own.
  • Newsletters: Show off your brilliance.
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Sales Copy

Does your sales copy hook, and sell them? From word one, you need to hook, grab, and not let go. Sales is a process, and different for each person, and service—you need targeted words, and tools that sing to your audience, highlight your strengths, and convert your prospects to customers. I write high-conversion compelling copy in your voice.

Let's get you bangin'

  • Sales Pages
  • Lead Generation Copy & Ads
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Email Sequences
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Copy Review

Does your copy sell? I mean right out of the gate. I will do a personalized Copy Review with specific improvements you can make TODAY. After receiving your request and up to four URLs, of any copy you choose, I will return feedback within 3 business days.

This includes

  • Headlines and Subheads
  • Text Format
  • Language Mechanics, Syntax, and Grammar
  • Customer/Client Testimonials
  • Your Call To Action
  • Review of Idiom and Syntax for those writing with English as a Second Language
  • Word Selection
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Many of my clients have become friends, collaborators, and raving fans. When it fits, it fits. I’m not for everyone, but I’m damn good at what I do, and I might just be for you. So, let’s talk!

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